Our Open Source Initiatives

We at Mahaswami have immensely benefited from open source. Our entire organization runs 90% of software from open source. The more we incorporate open source solutions in our day to day work, the more we get encouraged to be able to share some of our works we had done by contributing back to the open source world, in various means.

  • We have identified certain useful functions during our development and have developed them as stand alone plugins. These plugins are available in Github for public use
    • System Information
    • Gmail Relay Server
    • Uppercase
    • Cross DB Migration
    • Secure Sensitive HTTP Params
    • Java Support, etc.
    • Rails XLS (available in Ruby Forge)
  • We have been able to report crucial issues in JRuby with isolated test cases to help the development team to be able to fix the issue quickly.
  • We have been able to enhance and fix bugs in various tools/rails plugins and have contributed them back to the original developers, some of these tools are
    • CompositePrimaryKeys
    • ActiveScaffold
    • Warbler(previously Goldspike)
    • CruiseControl
    • Ant
    • Drools Rule Engine Framework
  • We have also some of our folks as a registered committer for certain open source integration tools like - OpenAdaptor.
  • And recently, we got yet another opportunity to give something back to the community in the form of sponsoring for the Ruby Conference Event in Bangalore, India.