Birthdays Lite (Vedic Calendar)

Only celebrate your birthdays as per western calendar? By using this app, you can also celebrate it as per Vedic/Hindu calendar very easily. What you get by doing that?

1. Good wishes endow maximum benefit.

2. You develop strength to combat obstacles.

By simply providing the birth data, this app will automatically figure out the day in which you, family and friends (Yes. It keeps a list for all of them) birthdays as per Vedic calendar.

Read on for slightly longer description or just simply use it and feel it.

1. Blessings and good wishes endow maximum benefit: ‘The frequencies of the date of birth according to the Hindu calendar match the individual maximally. Since the blessings and good wishes of relatives and well-wishers bring maximum benefit to the individual celebrating the birthday as per the Vedic calendar is more beneficial.

2. One develops the strength to combat obstacles in life: Since the frequencies in the universe on the birthday as per the Vedic calendar match the temperament of the person born on that date, the ‘sattvik’ and chaitanya-enriched rituals done by an individual on that day leave a deep impression on his subconscious mind. As a result, he derives spiritual prowess to combat problems in his future life.

The lite version allows to store only 2 people at any given time. Please checkout our ad-free fully featured version in app store.