We can develop solutions with 2-5x productivity by leveraging the latest highly productive Ruby On Rails framework. We have 12+ years experience and deployed several solutions. We use ROR for development and combine with standard J2EE deployment using JRuby. We produce effectively a J2EE standard deployment solution and hence preserve our customers investment in Java platform tools and training. We have good experiance and enhanced toolset to overcome Rails limitations like composite keys, certain plugin limitations on workin in JRuby enviroment, RDBMS related idiosyncrasies, multi-threaded mode, etc.

We break a solution to manageable small Rails applications and glue them together by having them share common information via RESTful architecture. For glue, we have successfully used JASIG CAS SSO / Authentication Server solution and it's proxy authentication mechanism.

We can integrate powerful open source solutions like OpenReports to complement your Ruby on Rails application using the same above mentioned glue mechanism.

We have successfully deployed Drools business rule engine along with Rails by way of exposing Ruby on Rails object to Drools layer. This allows facts to be written as Ruby Objects and rules are developed using Drools.

We can develop portlets using the highly productive Ruby on Rails framework. We can also enhance your existing Ruby on Rails applications to have the ability to be hosted in a standard JSR 286 portlet container. We use glue tools like Rails Portlets to get the job done.

We are a member of iPhone Developer Program of Apple. Our first free iPhone application has reached over 2000 downloads in a very short amount of time. We can also combine our Ruby on Rails and SOA skills to build a combo iPhone + Rails application.

We have strong deployment with Drools including integration of Drools with Ruby on Rails. We have used serialization techniques of knowledge base to have decent number of rules executed and results returned via AJAX with good response time.

We offer the same quality training that we give to our new hires to interested companies in Bangalore or anywhere in India. For new recruits, we can add object oriented programming basics, Subversion version control, Trac issue tracking system, etc to the mix so that we can introduce them to overall best practices. Our training adds advance topics like highly useful plugins, Java integration, Glassfish deployment using Warbler, Rspec on Rails including mock objects, etc.