Here is an endorsement from one of our customers.

We are pleased to acknowledge the services of Mahaswami software. Here is an endorsement to this effect. The key to successful software product development is using the right technologies and processes that help the product roadmap evolve best catering to customer demands even while keeping the maintenance manageable.

Mahaswami software helped us in execution of these critical choices and get it right.

When we needed to build the key elements of our next generation product framework, we needed a jumpstart in accomplishing our business and technical objectives. The right team with a proven track record to provide the impetus to the exercise was the need of the hour. The Test Driven Development approach and the agile development methodology adopted by Mahaswami software were highly beneficial in meeting our objectives. The right mix of tools used for this including continuous integration, unified issue tracking and task management made the actual implementation of the processes very transparent and manageable.

The usage of quality open source components has helped keep the cost of ownership low. Mahaswami software used their expertise in Ruby on Rails, J2EE, JRuby, GlassFish, JBOSS, DROOLS and RDBMS such as oracle, MySQL to provide us an edge in the framework development exercise.

We are very pleased to acknowledge the critical role played by Mahaswami software, in our endeavor.