Max Cash

Max Tech

Bulk Payment Processing

Desktop Application that automatically transforms payment files from heterogenous formats(Excel, Fixed Width, XML, CSV, etc.) to a standard bank format, and securely transmit them to the Bank. User can define their own transformation definitions in addition to the standard transformation
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Collection Services

Enables Financial Institutions to provide cheques and bill collection services to their customers
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Information Reporting

Exhaustive reporting service that can be hosted by Banks to provide information reporting services to their retail and corporate customers. Can be deployed as a complimentary service by the banks to their customers.
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Cheque Printing

Enables Banks to provide efficient and personalized cheque printing service to their customers. Support for parallel printing to multiple printers, using special security fonts to print MICR, Amount etc.
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Secure File Transfer

An enterprise application that allows the corporates to transmit files between their group of companies/vendors/banks in a secure manner. Files are encrypted, compressed and digitally signed by the corporate before transmission.
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