We can provide as a choice 2-5x development speed productivity / with highly maintainable small code base. We are able to provide that by leveraging the latest highly productive Ruby On Rails framework (We have 12+ years experience and several solutions using it) for development and combining with standard J2EE deployment using JRuby (Effectively a J2EE standard deployment solution). Below is the list of various technology areas that we have comfortably worked with. Our extensive experience enables us in making these technologies to work together very well.

Our team's (70+ man years of experience) focus / strength has been to build and deliver solutions with the following attributes:

  • Enterprise grade applications
  • Products or product like quality
  • Enterprise grade security (SSO, hardware and software token devices)
  • Scalable (Systems that can serve 100+ requests per second) through cluster-able for horizontal scaling.
  • Fault tolerant (Session replication etc)
  • Background Jobs / Scheduler: Scalable and fault tolerant via clustering.
  • Multiple database support
  • SOA/Web Services Consuming and Providing
  • Extensive reporting functions
  • Configurable business rules, workflow and event stream processing (ESP/CEP)
  • High coverage through unit tests and automated functional testing for better maintainability and enhance-ability.
  • Mobile applications.
  • Portlets / portal applications.
  • Cloud computing capability (IaaS, SaaS, etc)