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Cheque Printing

  • Big Corporates make payments to their vendors in form of cheques.
  • These cheques are high in volume.
  • Corporates may also attach an advice to the payee along with the cheque containing information like – invoices against which the payment is made etc.
  • Corporates look for outsourcing their cheque printing service to their Banks.
  • Banks provide cheque printing service to their corporate customers.
  • Cheques could be
    • Customer Check
    • Bank Check(Demand Draft)
  • Customers are assigned the block of cheque numbers for their corporates.
  • Cheques can be printed in a pre-printed stationery or a blank stationery.
  • Application allows customization of Cheque Designs by the Banks for their corporates like :
  • Watermarking the company name as cheque background
  • Printing the Company Logo.
  • Printing the signature of the signatories captured as an electronic image.
  • Use of Special Security Fonts
  • Printing of Cheques should be secured to prevent alteration of amount value in the cheque.
  • Application uses security fonts to print the amount figures.
  • Since the entire cheque detail including MICR Codes and Cheque Numbers can be printed, bank can use blank stationery and not have to use pre-printed stationery.
  • Cheque Numbers can be re-used in case of paper jam or printing issues.
  • Corporate Customers can send their instructions to the bank electronically in form of a file, which can be securely transferred to the Bank via our Direct Pipe Desktop Application.
  • Fees is charged either as per-cheque or on volume basis.
  • High Volume handling – Printing to Multiple Printers parallelly.