Dasavidha Porutham Lite (Marriage Match)

Marriage is a very solemn binding for the bride and the groom. In India it is a very sacred occasion for the Hindus. The parents and the aged relatives of the boy and the girl to be married take great care before getting them engaged in wedlock as there is no turning back from the marriage vow.

To ensure a long and happy married life, the ancient Indian sages and saints devised a method to check the matrimonial adaptability or marriageable compatibility which is called 'Marriage Matching' or 'Match-making'.

They devised the method of matching by Koota Agreement based on the Birth Stars of the boy and the girl. Originally they recommended 20 kootas. But out of these only 10 kootas are considered for the actual horoscope matching in South India. Hence it also popularly known as "Dasavidha Poritham"

  • Dinam
  • Ganam
  • Yoni
  • Rasi
  • Rasiyaathipathy
  • Rajju
  • Vedha
  • Vasya
  • Mahendram
  • Stree Deergam