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Information Reporting

  • Exhaustive reporting service that can be hosted by Banks to provide information reporting services to their retail and corporate customers.
  • Can be deployed as a complimentary service by the banks to their customers.
  • Reporting Service that can provide reports in various formats -
    • Tabular Reports
    • Chart Reports
    • Excel Reports
    • Text Reports
    • OLAP Reports etc.
  • Reports can be scheduled and can be delivered later via Email.
  • Report Definitions can be defined online of any database available in the bank.
  • Reports can be output in PDF, HTML, Text etc.
  • Reports can be provided access only to a specific group of customers or a specific customer alone.
  • Reports can be generated of various data sources namely:
  • Relational Databases
  • XML Datasource
  • Webservices etc.
  • Integrated with the Single Sign On authentication.
  • Our electronic Banking product utilizes this service for all the reporting needs.