Perfect Hour (Hora)

"Timing is everything" as they saying goes.

Hindu Astrology suggests that during each weekday different set of hours are auspicious for doing ordinarily important tasks. This app provides highly accurate start-end timings of those hours based on precise calculation of sunrise in your location.

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Just like a day has its own specialties, each hour of the day also has its own specialties.

Originally each 24 hour day was split into 60 naazhigais, each 24 minutes long. Thus two and a half nazhigais constitute one modern hour which was known as horai (hora) in ancient times.

What does this mobile app do?

In order to increase the chances of success in any endeavor, this mobile app helps the user to pick specific time to perform the endeavor. It calculates Horai for 400 cities around the world. The timings are daylight adjusted where-ever applicable.

The Siddhas say that each horai of each day is ruled by one of the first seven of the nine lords. Just like each day reflects the characteristics of the lord who rules the day, each horai also reflects the characteristics of the lord who rules the horai. Thus we have Soorya horai, Chandra horai, Angaaraka horai, Budha horai, Guru horai, Sukra horai and Sani horai times during each day.